Nigerian Women Association of Georgia
"Together We Achieve"
P.O. Box 14542 ,  Atlanta , GA 30324  Phone: 770 –496-4380

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2014 Newsletter


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Mission Statement

The mission of NWAG is to serve our local community as well as our country Nigeria, through empowerment, cultural enrichment, and education of women, youth and children, thereby fostering togetherness and excellence in our collective pursuits.

We believe in.....

  • The Empowerment of Women, Youth and Children

  • Selfless Service, Strong Commitment and Teamwork

  • Mutual Respect, Integrity, and Excellence in our Pursuits

  • Honest and Open Communication

  • That A Trusting Environment Strengthens and Encourages Its Members

  • Promoting Nigerian Culture

Nigerian Women Association of Georgia

Welcome to the Nigerian Women Association of Georgia, (NWAG) website - a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization registered in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. As of 2015, NWAG is celebrating its 15 years of service and still counting.

Our mission is to empower women, youth and children here in our community and in our home country, Nigeria. As at 2014, NWAG has successfully

·         Awarded a one-time, one year scholarship to 405 female students in Nigeria

·         Awarded 42 students in the USA

·         Shipped over $1m (one million) dollars worth of medical supplies to various states in Nigeria

·         NWAG supports ten orphanages with their nutritional program all across Nigeria

·         NWAG annually support the Atlanta Community Food Bank, Hosea Feed the Hungry, International Women’s House, MedShare International Women’s House, Sickle Cell Foundation, Southside Medical Center and Susan G Komen in Atlanta, Georgia.

These initiatives have been made possible through the dedicated and tireless efforts of our members and the generous support of our sponsors and partners. We encourage you to support our work by becoming a sponsor, as no financial contribution is too small. You can support any of our projects by clicking on “Special Projects”... there are various programs you could donate to. To make your tax deductible donation, click on the link that says “Donate”.

Thank you and God bless!

Abby F. Ebodaghe

NWAG President.